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Fix Norton Error Codes 451

How to Fix Norton Antivirus Error Code 21?

Have you ever caught up in Norton Error 21? If yes, then you are at the right spot as you can Fix Norton Antivirus Error Code 21 either by dialing the Norton Customer Support Number or by getting aware of how to DIY as given below. The predominant reason behind occurrence of aforementioned error is impaired Norton error 21 associated windows registries or misconfigured system settings. Most of the times, one of the most commonly faced causes of Norton error 21 is the human error in its  usage and need to be improvised in the presence of the qualitative Norton techies.

Here are Ways to Fix Norton Antivirus Error Code 21

Way 1: Repair the Windows Registry Entries on PC

Look forward for repairing the windows registry entries associated with Norton Error 21. Follow the path: “Start” taskbar menu>>”Run” dialogue box>>enter the “command prompt”>> enter the “regedit” command on black window>>follow the onscreen instructions

Norton Error 21

Way 2: Run a Complete Malware/Worm/Adware Scan

Come forward by running the full malware/worm/adware scan on your computer system. By going through the path: “Start” taskbar menu>> “Run” dialogue box>>enter any of the commands—“prefetch”, “%temp%”, “recent” on the given search box.

Way 3: Wash the System’s Junks Away

Wash the system’s junks away by following the instructions one by one: “Start” taskbar menu>”Run” dialogue box> enter the “command prompt” keywords on the search box>enter the “cleanmgr” on the black screen>> now, make use of the disk cleaner to wash the system’s junks away.

Way 4: Timely Update System Drivers or Managers

On the regularly basis, come forward to update the Norton error 21 oriented system drivers or managers.  If your issues yet persist then upgrade the system drivers or managers on the requirement basis.    

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Way 5: Implement the Command “Sfc /Scannow”

By going through the system path: Start>>Run dialogue box>>enter the command prompt>>enter the command “sfc /scannow”on the black screen. In such a way, users can implement the “Windows System Checker” on PC

Why to Call Us?

A Norton Customer Care Service—unparallel, unmatchable, and incomparable customer care service—being provided by a unified team of professionals to acquire the one-stop customer oriented services in the least minimum time frame.  If you ever come across the real-time Norton hurdles then you are suggested to make use any of the offered modes of customer care services and then get connected with tech-savvy experts to provide the most fitted Norton customer service fix ever.

Norton Customer Support Number for Effectual Aid  

Have you ever greeted with real-time Norton hurdles? If yes, then you are recommended to put your mobile phone in an effective use by dialing the Norton Customer Support Number +1-888-804-8920 and then get connected with Norton professionals working 24/7/365 days in every nook and corner across the country and around the world. In such a way, obtaining the Norton customer service is a light-weighted process.           


How To Remove completely Norton 360 from windows

Removal of Norton 360 software really matters as sometimes Norton software program usage may lead your system in problematic dilemma. Hence, remove Norton 360 by simply dialing the Norton customer support number +1-888-804-8920 straight away.

Remove Norton 360

By making remove of Norton 360, Norton end users can enhance and advance the pre-existing Norton services to the greater degree.

Follow resolutions to Remove completely Norton 360 from windows 10

Resolution 1: using administrator account

Here are a few steps to go:

  • Login your account as an administrator
  • Ensure that you have closed side-wise windows program(s) and personal file(s) if you want to uninstall Norton 360 by just making use of the “start” taskbar menu of windows 7/vista/XP.
  • Give a hit on the “start” taskbar option.
  • Select “All programs” for formal edition of windows.
  • Open the Norton 360 up
  • Give an entry on the recently installed program list.
  • Now, scroll down and then launch the “Uninstall Norton 360” app in it.
  • Select “Yes” alternative for UAC if you are supposed to run a windows 7 operating system.
  • Give a hit on “Next” button on the “Thank You” window.
  • Comprehending your needs for asset security, select any one of the TWO uninstall options enlisted by placing a click on it.
  • Give a hit on “Next” button on the given “Subscription” information box.
  • Wait for a few minutes and then, reboot your digital device by giving a single click on “Restart Now” button. (In order to successively avail the latestly updated/enabled/disabled options, features—and existing Norton services then all you need to do is to avail the Norton customer care service right away)

Resolution 2: By making use of the control panel

  • Start >> (Settings) >> Control Panel >> Programs – Uninstall a program
  • Now, add or remove the Programs
  • Have a click on “Launch the Norton 360 program list”
  • Run the “Uninstall/Change” option on the top of program list
  • Give a right-click on program list,
  • Select “Uninstall/Change” on the right menu and then run it on the spot.
  • Now, you need to follow the on-screen instructions.( Keynote: you can also contact with Norton customer service techies for query resolutions)

Resolution 3: leftovers Troubleshooting Guidelines

  • Clean the backup of your Windows system, including the Registry Editor of your computer system.
  • You can manually search the Norton 360 leftover registry keys & files and then, come up to delete them all
  • While executing the process, you are required to clean them all by just enabling the Windows Safe Mode.

Norton customer support number For Norton Technical Support Services

Norton Customer Service

Are you among the Norton end users who are unable to make use of the existing add-on Norton services or are also encountering any real-time Norton hurdles? If so, then you are suggested to get some Norton connoisseurs on the line by simply making a few ring tones at the Norton customer support number accessible 24*7 days —in every part across the country and around the world.


How to Fix Norton 360 Error 8506 and 421 for Windows 7?

Norton-360 Error 8506 and 421 message generally appears during installation of a program. Though most of the times, this 8506 and 421 error problems can be resolved by restarting your system, but sometimes even after restarting, this issue persists. In that case, you need to reinstall or uninstall your Norton product from your system. When a Symantec related software program is processing during program installation or during Windows startup and shutdown or during the installation of the Windows Operations system, This Norton 8506 and 421 error occurs in Windows 7 system. To Fix Norton 360 Error 8506 and 421 for Windows 7, it’s crucial to keep track of when and where that error occurs. Norton 360 Error 8506 and 421 can harm your system is several ways if not fixed in time. This error can occur due to many reasons, such as:

  • Unfinished installation of an application
  • Corrupt download of Norton Internet Security
  • Malware or Viruses infecting Norton security related files or Windows Files
  • Wrong or harmful deletion of Norton-360 internet security related files

Moreover, below is a list of troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue. The process can be a bit difficult and time consuming if not followed proper steps.

Norton 360 Error 8506 and 421 for Windows 7










Steps to Fix Norton 360 Error 8506 and 421 for Windows 7

Below are the steps to troubleshoot Norton 360 Error 8506 and 421 explained by our Norton Security expert team.

Fellow this process to prevent the error in time.

Step1: Fixing of registry entries associated with the Error 8506-421

  • If you are not a PC service professional, it is advisable that never try editing manually the Windows Registry. One wrong editing may lead to reversible damage to your Operating System. A single comma can make your PC from booting completely.
  • Due to the higher risk, our Norton tech support team highly recommends to use registry cleaner tools like WinThruster to scan and fix any registry related problems. A registry cleaner tool automatically finds invalid registry entries, missing files and broken links while creating a backup. It prevents your PC from possible damages while improving system speed and performances.
  • To repair manually Windows registry, first thing you need to do is to create a backup of the portion related to the error. Then follow the following process:
    • Click on the “START” button
    • Type “COMMAND” in the Search Box. DO NOT hit ENTER immediately.
    • Hold “CTRL+SHIFT” on the Keyboard and then HIT “ENTER”.
    • Click YES on the Permission Dialog Box.
    • Type “REGEDIT” on the black screen that opens followed by “ENTER”.
    • Select the portion from the registry editor, you want to back up.
    • Choose “EXPORT” from the “FILE” menu.
    • Select the folder from the “SAVE IN” where you want to save the Norton 360 backup Key.
    • Save the File with a File Name such as “Norton 360 backup”
    • Select the “SELECTED BRANCH” in the “EXPORT RANGE” Box.
    • Click SAVE to save the file in .REG FILE EXTENSION.
    • You now have the backup of the Norton 360 related registry entry.

It is better not to try manually editing your registry because of the high of damaging in your system.

Step2: Make a full Malware scan of your PC

There are possibilities that a Malware infection on your PC is behind the 8506 and 421 error. Those harmful intruders can damage or corrupt your system in the long run. Use EMSISOFT ANTI MALWARE to remove the Malware or viruses from your system successfully.

Step3:  Remove Junk Files like Temporary files and Folders with Disk Cleanup

It is normal for every PC to accumulate Junk Files due to web surfing and Computer use. If those files are not cleaned up, it can overload your hard drive or cause a conflict which will make Norton 360 to respond slowly. Cleaning junk files will not only boost your PC’s performance but also solve your 8506 and 4214 error. Use WinSweeper, a privacy protection software to clean your computer. Using of WinSweeper once a day will prevent your system from junks, bugs and 8506 and 421 errors.

How to process disk Cleanup?

  1. Click on START button.
  2. Type “COMMAND” in the Search Box. DO NOT hit ENTER immediately.
  3. Hold “CTRL+SHIFT” on the Keyboard and then HIT “ENTER”.
  4. Click YES on the Permission Dialog Box.
  5. Type “CLEANMGR” on the black screen that opens followed by “ENTER”.
  6. Then “DISK CLEANUP” will calculate the space occupied by junk files.
  7. Select the boxes from the category you want to delete and then click “OK”.

Step4: Update the Drivers of your system

Updating outdated and corrupt drivers can help in preventing Norton 360 8506 and 421 error from occurring.  Drive update tools like DriverDoc updates your PC’s drivers creating a backup. Maintain drivers can also be a reason to fix Norton 360 error 8506 and 421 for Windows 7.

Step5: Use Windows System Restore to UNDO recent changes

Windows System Restore helps you by returning back to the time when your PC was working fine.  To use this facility:

  1. Click on “START” button.
  2. Type “SYSTEM RESTORE” in search box and press “ENTER”.
  3. Click “SYSTEM RESTORE” in the result by entering any administrator password.
  4. Click on “WIZARD” to choose a restore point.
  5. Restore you computer.

Step6: Download Norton 360 Remove and Reinstall tools.

The best way to prevent your system from Norton 360 8506 and 421 error is by downloading Norton 360 Remove and Reinstall tools.

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  1. Save the file in your desired location.
  2. Later on open downloads window in your browser and double click on the NRnR symbol to run.
  3. Click on “AGREE” on the license agreement.
  4. Thus click on Advanced Options to select REMOVE only.
  5. Finally click on “REMOVE” and “RESTART” followed by the instruction to reinstall Norton product.

Dial Norton Customer Support Number For Immediate Help






Dial up our Norton Customer Care Support Phone Number to contact with a team of dedicated and professional experts. They will help you in resolving your any kind of Norton 360 product related issues with sound knowledge and efficiency.  Their easy assistance will resolve your Norton antivirus technical issues in no time. Hence, make a call to Norton Support Number to avail the customer satisfactory facilities now.

Fix Norton 360 Error Code 5

How to Fix Norton 360 Error Code 5?

The Norton 360 Error Code 5 executes due to incorrect Object-Class specification attribute with a specified message displayed as “syntax. Error”. Other reasons include improper operating system performance, personal privacy exception popup issues and yes, the Google tool bar error popup is one of the biggest causes of this error. Here, the blog will introduce about how to Fix Norton 360 Error Code 5 with appropriate solutions.

Fix Norton 360 Error Code 5

Steps to Fix Norton 360 Error Code 5

All the below methods are based on manual mode to help users overcome with the Norton 360 Error Code 5:

Step 1Software re-installation method

  • Navigate to the “Windows start menu” first by clicking on the “Start” button.
  • After getting access to the “Start Menu”, select the “Control Panel” icon.
  • Depending on the options with which you want to go, it is advised to first click on the “uninstall a program” or “program and features” icon.
  • Select the program which you wish to uninstall from the given list and then click on the “Uninstall” button.
  • Confirmation to uninstall a program is essential which can be done by clicking on the “Yes” button.
  • Download the installation package first and then double click on it to easily start the installation phase next.
  • Hit the “Run” icon and then select a type of language on which you wish to go with. Tap on “Next” icon
  • Next, you are advised to click on “Accept the agreement” icon next.
    Choose a type of folder to easily save all the installation files.
  • Users are required to click on “browse” to change it to another path and then hit on “install” icon.
  • At last, click on “Finish” icon to finish the installation process.

Step 2This is another which will guide users to remove this Norton 360 error faster

Turn on the PC and hit on F2 button.

  • Next, select the type of drive, ie: CD or DVD, which will start loading files
    in this step, you will come across an agreement license where one simply needs to select the “Agree “icon.
  • Then, create a new drive which can be done by clicking on it and hit on “click new” icon,
  • Hit on “Format and Next” to proceed.
  • Your PC will be visibly rebooted and a “User Setting” will appear next
  • Click on Next to get access to new window
  • Add a “Product Key” and tap OK.

Norton 360 Support

After following these steps if you are unable to Fix Norton 360 Error Code 5, Contact us at Norton 360 Support section for instant solution to your issues. We promise to deliver the best-in-class answers to our users whenever needed.

Move or Transfer Norton Product from One Computer to Another

Simple Steps to Move or Transfer Norton Product from One Computer to Another

When you buy the Norton antivirus software, then you will install this application on up to three PC’s.Your Norton account provides important information such as serial number, product key, and disclose you how many installs are still available and the licensed installations numbers.For more information regarding this, contact Norton 360 Support.

Move or Transfer Norton Product from One Computer to Another

Follow the simple instructions given below to Move or Transfer Norton product from One Computer to Another.

  • Start the PC on which you wish to download and install your Norton antivirus or internet security application.
  • Launch your internet browser and visit to the Norton account Web page.
  • The next step is to click at “Sign in.”
  • You need to input the email address and password of your Norton account and sign-in using your login credentials.
  • Now click the name of your Norton application to find the product key and serial number, and keep a note of the information.
  • Then click at “Download,” and choose “Start download” and click “Save file.”
  • When the product download is finished, the Norton Download Manger will starts installing the software and guide you till then the application installs completely.
  • The final step is to inputthe product key when asked by the software.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully migrates your Norton product from one computer to another.

Norton Technical Support

Why You Should Call Us?

Dial our toll-free number +1-888-804-8920  any time, round the clock for quick online assistance for all the technical issues related to the Norton Antivirus.  If you are looking to contact Norton Technical Support to resolve your problem, please get in touch with our antivirus support team to get the best customer support service at highly reasonable charges.

We understand that technology is designed to make our lives simpler; it can also be a continuous source of stress and headaches when it doesn’t work properly. That’s why our world class online tech support service provides 24*7*365 technical support for your home or business technical requirements.

Norton 360 support

How to Uninstall Norton 360 2013 (Beta)?

Norton 360 2013 (Beta) is one of the premium antivirus products of Symantec. It efficiently safeguards your computer system from any type of harmful virus threats including spams, spyware, malware, adware and Trojans. However on certain occasions, you may decide to uninstall Norton 360 2013 antivirus. Before you go ahead to uninstall this antivirus from your computer, you must save your settings. Read further to learn how to uninstall Norton 360 2013 antivirus from your computer. Alternatively you can also consult the experts of our Norton 360 Antivirus Support to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

Log in to your computer as administrator

Before you proceed to uninstall Norton 360 2013 from your computer, log in to your computer as administrator and save all your settings.

Open Uninstall or Change a program option

Click on Start and go to Control Panel. In the Control Panel, locate Uninstall or change a program section.

Launch Uninstall Norton 360 application

In the list of programs installed in Windows, locate Norton 360 product and press Uninstall.  If you are using Windows 7, this will open the UAC (User Account Control) window. Select the Yes option. This will lead to “Thank you!” window.

Select Your Uninstall Preference

You can either keep the settings which will be helpful if you are going to use another Norton product or you can choose to remove all user data. Select one of the two options depending upon your needs.

Tell the reason for Uninstalling

In the Subscription box, you can choose to tell the Symantec Company, the reason for your uninstallation of this antivirus product. Click Next to proceed with the Uninstallation.

Wait for the uninstallation process to finish

Wait for some time as the uninstallation process is finished. Reboot the system once the process is done.

In this way, you will be able to remove Norton 360 2013 Beta from your computer. For any other issue regarding Norton Antivirus, contact our Norton Antivirus Support Number +1-888-804-8920.