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Easy Steps to Resolve Norton Server Error

In this technology-driven era, there is a significant dependency on the internet to perform numerous day to day tasks. Shopping via online transactions can be easily sighted as a common scenario nowadays. However, without a proper antivirus tool, it would not be easy for the users to safeguard their systems every time. Norton Server Error is an unusual Browser Error which troubles the users quite often.

How to Fix Norton Error message Cannot connect to the Norton server

For new users, this kind of issue can be troublesome, and you may ask the simplest of the ways to resolve this problem. For such an issue, there are common tried and trusted remedies which are known for fixing this Error. However, before proceeding further with the troubleshooting steps, let’s just have a look at the reasons which is responsible for the generation of the Server Error.

Get to know about Norton Server Error

Norton gives you the facility to save the vital backup files of your data in the Norton Server. Though, users face a situation where they are not able to create the backup of the files. It is because they are unable to connect to the servers of Norton. Similarly, the Norton users often see that they are not able to access the server to check their already backed up files.

You are likely to encounter several errors at the time you try to access the server or create a new backup. The display message of the error appears on the window is something like:

“Norton error message cannot connect Norton server.”

Thankfully, there are genuine solutions available for this problem. Follow the methods mentioned below and see if you can fix the issue by yourself.

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Resolving Methods for Norton Server Error

Given below are two troubleshooting methods. One method works on Windows 10. While the other process helps in curing the problem on Windows 10, Vista, 7 and 8.

Troubleshoot for Windows 10

There is a simple process to resolve this issue on Windows 10. First of all, get on your Windows 10 desktop and go to Start. Then onwards open Settings and click on System. When you are there, look out for ‘Default Apps’ then click on it. Now choose the web browser that you want to set as the default browser, under the ‘web browser’ option. At last, activate the Norton and you will now be able to connect with Norton Server Error.  

Troubleshooting for Windows 8/7/XP/Vista

Follow these steps carefully to fix the Norton Server problem.

  1. Launch the Run dialog box by holding and pressing the Windows + R keys together.
  2. In the box that appears, type ‘control’ and press Enter. It will open the User Control Windows, then click on continue.
  3. Now in the Control Panel Window, choose the ‘Category’ option from the drop-down menu. The Category option is present beside the ‘view by’.
  4. Select the ‘programs’ in the Control Panel Box. Go on to click on ‘Set your default program’ which is present below the Default Program.
  5. You will see the windows of ‘program’ below the ‘Set your default program.’ Go ahead and select the default browser and set this as your default program. Finally, click on ‘OK’.

Connect with Norton Antivirus Support and get professional help


In the worst scenario, if you notice this error message appearing still, then get in touch with the professionals and receive proper guidance to eradicate this issue altogether. In a situation where no remedy works, the best way is to call us at Norton Antivirus Support to get the best solutions to fix the Norton Server Error.

Such Norton issues can occur at any point of the day; this is why we provide 24×7 service so that you do not have to wait longer to receive top class services. Our experts are highly dedicated towards their work. They will give you the most suitable solutions to get around this issue swiftly and conveniently.