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Fix Norton Product Error 5013, 3

How to Fix Norton Product Error 5013, 3 on Norton Product?

The Norton error 5013 3 is a type of “Base Filtering Engine error message which appears while the user start installing the program and at that time the Norton-related software program is running. As defined by a team of Norton Error Support professionals, the message is defined as a bunch of viruses/Trojans in the active circulation mode which tries to disable and remove the BFE service in the very first step of the infection phase. It may also occur while Windows startup or shutdown phase, or even during the Windows operating system installation time. To Fix Norton Product Error 5013, 3 just read the steps are given below by Norton Help Support.

Fix Norton Product Error 5013, 3

Steps to Fix Norton Product Error 5013, 3 on Norton product

Step1: Norton Power Eraser

  • First, users should download the “Norton Power Eraser” software and then run it to proceed further
  • Next, simply click on the “Save” option.
  • Selection of the location as a “Desktop” is necessary and then click on the “Save” option.
  • To run easily the “Norton Power Eraser”, it is advised by Norton Antivirus Technical support professionals to double-click on the NPE.exe file.
  • If it is found that the “User Account Control” window is asking users to go ahead then simply click on “Yes or continue” button.
  • Go by accepting the license terms and agreement, and tap on the “Accept” option.
  • In the Norton Power Eraser section, simply click on the “Scan for Risks icon” button.
  • By default, Norton Power Eraser will perform a Root kit scan procedure and will then ask the system to restart.
  • After you have restarted the PC, the scan will automatically start its functions.

Step 2: Working with the Norton Product Tamper Protection

  • Initially you need to start the “Norton” product.
  • Click on the “Settings” option next.
  • Under the “Quick Controls” section, then check for the “Norton Tamper Protection” option.
  • Tap on the “Close” button next.

Step 3: Enabling of the Base Filtering Engine service

  • Press the “Windows + R” keys to easily open the “Run” dialog box.
  • Type “services.msc” text and then press the “Enter” button.
  • If the User Account Control window is prompting you to continue, then simply click on the “Yes or continue” button.
  • In the “Services window”, under the “Name column”, please locate and then double-click on the “Base Filtering Engine” option.
  • To the right of the “Startup” type and then verify the option “Automatic appears”.
  • If Startup type is not in an “Automatic” section, then in the drop-down list, just click on the “Automatic” option.
  • To the right of “Service” Status, simply verify the matter known as “Started appears”.
  • If the Service status is not in a “Started” position, then tap on the “Start” option.
  • Click on the “OK” button.
  • Exit from the “Services” window.
  • Restart your PC next.

Step 4:  Download and then run the fix tool

  • Download the “fix tool” software.
  • Next, users are advised to save the file to the “Windows desktop” section.
  • On the “desktop area, please double-click on the “BaseFilterEngineFix.exe” file.
  • By working with the tool, you have accepted the “Usage Agreement”
  • If prompted to install the “.NET Framework 3.5” then simply click on the “Download and install this feature’ option.
  • In the “Base Filter Engine Repair” window, just tap on the “Apply Fix” option.
  • The fix tool will now repair all the available appropriate “Base Filter Engine registry” keys.
  • Click on the “Restart Now” option.
  • You are now done with the process.

After read these steps, if you are still facing error to Fix Norton Product Error 5013, 3 Come and explore our world-class Norton Support Services at our Norton  Customer Support Phone Number +1-800-715-9524 department and get your work done instantly.

Access or Activate Norton Product

Steps to Access or Activate Norton Product

This article is a guide for people who want to Access Norton or Activate it. There are numerous methods available over the web to access your Norton antivirus. Here, you will get the most genuine process of activating the Norton. To access the Norton, the PC should be appropriately connected to the internet. Furthermore, they need to have the product key of Norton with the appropriate subscription. The product activation is required to access the Norton.

This blog is written by a team of professionally advanced Norton Technical Support who will guide users about various steps to Access or Activate to the Norton product. Product activation is required for maintaining the software protection while working. Users’ computer should be well connected to the Internet, and they need to have access to the Norton product key with a valid subscription process.

Why Do You Need To Access Norton?

After accessing the Norton, you will, therefore, be able to perform these following tasks:

  • You will be able to download the latest version of your Norton services when you tag access Norton Product.
  • In case, if you ever lose or forget the product key of your Norton Product, you will be able to retrieve it.
  • Management of your subscription will become a more straightforward process when you have access to Norton. Moreover, you will also be able to manage the Automatic Renewal enrollment.

Steps to Access or Activate Norton Product

Steps to Access or Activate Norton product under expert guidance of Norton Antivirus Support experts:

Locating the Norton product key

  1. The location of the product key entirely depends on how it is been obtained from the product.
  2. If the product is purchased from the Norton Online Store or from other specific website, the product key is right in your confirmation email. If it can’t locate the confirmation email in the inbox, then you need to check your spam filter folder.
  3. Users can locate the product key from the Norton account from the services page.
  4. If a CD is purchased online, then the product key inside the box is either on a sticker or a scratch card will be there at the back of the CD sleeve or in the DVD case, or even might be in the printed card in the box.
  5. If you need help locating your product key, read the content about How to find my Norton product key is recommended to users.
  6. The product key is a combination of alphabetic as well numeric characters which does not contain special characters.

Activating the Norton software

These steps are described for the current version of the Norton products. If a user is having an older version, then users is requested to go and get access to the additional resources section. This will be located at the bottom of the page for grabbing more information on installing the current version.

  1. Start the Norton product.
  2. In the Norton product window, just next to the subscription status, you are required tom click on Renew or Activate Now option.
  3. Click on the “I have a key or code to enter” option. A user can also skip this step if a user gets to see a prompt message to enter the product key.
  4. Type in the product key and just click on the Next.
  5. Follow all the on-screen instructions given.
  6. Review all the subscription details, and then click on the “done’ option.

Norton Technical Support

Are you still struggling to Access Norton? Do not worry. Call us at our Norton Support Number +1-800-715-9524 and avail quality services from our experts. You can access the Norton Support Number for numerous types of services. We provide a 24×7 service, so you can dial our number at any point of the day and receive answers to all your queries.

You can also drop us a mail at our mail id with all your queries or inquire for service process. We will get back to you with the most suitable and the resolving methods to ensure your issue is fixed as soon as possible.

There is also a live chat portal present in our webpage. Get in touch with our experts in an instant and forward us your questions. Our experts are equipped with all the Norton related information who will help you get rid of your problems quickly. The primary motive is to provide you with the best services at an affordable rate.

Our Norton Antivirus Technical Support administration is accessible for various types of customers utilizing diverse gadgets worldwide that meet their every day requests for different working prerequisites. We have confidence in consumer loyalty and ensure that we have a reputation of most astounding achievement rate to recognize customer’s issue and illuminate them effectively. On the off chance that you are searching for online help to Access or Activate Norton Product, you can call us Norton Customer Support +1-800-715-9524 Number and we will hit you up by means of online technical support benefit with the best client mind bolster.


Infographics : How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

Nowadays, tech support is on rise and has become the most popular service among the computer users. But just like everything, it also has a downside.

Tips to prevent scams from : Technical Support for Norton

  1. Don’t trust any random call, it could be fake
  2. Always double check before giving remote access
  3. Always do a little back-ground search
  4. Never share your password details with anyone
  5. Apart from that the computer user can also file a complaint against the scam company

Just dial our toll-free number +1-800-715-9524 to connect with technical support expert for Norton support.

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams