fact Myths Related To Antivirus Program

The Myths Related To Antivirus Program

We all heard of viruses and malwares but few of us experienced the overall process of virus attacks and removal. A native user often thinks that if his computer is slowing down, it must be the due to virus attack. But this judgment is not true in any sense, a computer can be sluggish due to many reason, internal issues like less RAM memory, CPU performance, and multiple applications can be the reason of slowing down. So it is advisable that if you take antivirus support from companies, make sure you diagnose the issue initially. Virus removal support phone number +1-800-715-9524 can identify the virus issue but leave you alone on other issues. Out of many antivirus programs available in the market, Norton antivirus technical support phone number reliably helps the user on multiple issues of computer.

The Myths Related To Antivirus Program


Virus attacks only window platform

The common myth among the users is that virus attacks only window platform, whereas, Mac has inbuilt security features that disallow virus’s and malwares to your system. Nonetheless, the attackers are now out of their comfort zones and targeting as many operating systems. So android and iOS platform in mobile can also be attacked by the phishers. To prevent these attacks make sure you are covered with good antivirus program. Norton 360 offers protection for the multiple devices. Users can visit the Norton antivirus support blog and find the information which suits them best.


Poor performance mean computer has a virus

This is utmost truth that computer virus is major cause of slowness and poor performance, but it is not necessarily truth that it is the primary reason. The system performance can be hampered with many factors including memory shortages, internet connectivity, browser history, extension, old programs and multiple file and applications. Once you will scan it from antivirus program, just check the desktop results and visit any virus removal support blog for more information. This enables you to identify the real cause of problems.

Still unsure about something, we will help you on system diagnosis to determine the actual cause of slowness. Just call Norton customer support phone number +1-800-715-9524 and speak with antivirus technical support associate.