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Terms of Use

The statement discussed below is the terms of use mentioned by Norton Antivirus Support Numbers for the site users. We regularly update our terms of use without notice, hence please keep checking occasionally for any changes for latest updates. We take privacy or our customers and site visitors very seriously. We use the personal data provided by the customers for their benefits and not make any miss use. In case of technical support provided by telephone or email, we ask only information that is necessary to complete the transaction. We usually ask essential information like registered user id, and information of computer including its hardware or software and type of issues you are facing. Reading these terms & conditions it is the decision of user to proceed with the any activity that ask to share such personal information. However, you should also keep in mind that in certain cases if you don’t provide such information, you may not be able to complete the specific procedure for further transaction.

We Norton Antivirus Support Numbers work with following Terms and Conditions followed by our company, so we request our customers and site users to please read the terms and conditions before using our any service because they contains important information and instructions with the our rights to change without any notice.

1) Personal Information: We will ask to share your personal identification or personal information that allows us to contact you. At the time of registration every user need to give his contact information like First and Last name, E-mail address, postal address and other personal identification etc. My Norton Antivirus Support Numbers support team will use your contacts details to contact you regarding the products or services you have requested while using our website. That may include renewal notifications, re-registration, surveys, special offers to improve our services for the customers.

2) Payment Information: If a user visits on our site and registers with us to use service offered by Norton Antivirus Support Numbers, we not ask anyone to collect their credit card details directly on the phone calls. This information is entered by the user himself and Norton Antivirus Support Numbers may use third party to verify and process credit cards only for billing purposes. We may share this payment information to a third party only in certain cases in order to complete the necessary payment processing. All the details of debit or credit cards and numbers are used with secured servers and these numbers are not accessible by the Norton Antivirus Support Numbers without getting the permission of the respective customers.

  1.  Computer System Information: We ask computer system information and access it with the complete knowledge of customers. We can ask system login, passwords and other permits to access the computer of software programs to identify the problems and other issues. The terms of use for computer system information is discussed as follows, please read before providing an access for tech support.
  2.  Subscriber Computer – We may ask information related with your computer system, that may include information like purchase date of computer, type of computer, computer identification number, model and version of your computer and software/hardware or peripheral attached with it, physical condition of computer, system registration data or installation and configuration of hardware, and error tracing files etc. All this information is required to give you a customized technical support to you also help us to update our support service and improve the list of our supported products.
  3.  Access – To provide you a result-oriented support service, we need to take control of your computer. Norton Antivirus Support Numbers uses certified tools that allow users to grant access of user computer to our technicians remotely on the internet, so that they can diagnosis the actual problem to fix it. Our tech support experts are not permitted to use the remote enabled support service to customers until they have been gone through the proper training and user allowed to grant control it. Our tech support team never uses to acquire confidential or personal information stored on user computer, intentionally destroy the original information on user computer or network, or with intention to face any problems with his system.
  4.  Diagnostic Tools – During the support process Norton Antivirus Support Numbers may use various online diagnosis applications to collect useful information to know the status of the computer and software application installed into it. This information is wrapped into a document containing the important details required by Norton Antivirus Support Numbers and is processed by securely over the internet to the Norton Antivirus Support Numbers server a third party server allotted by Norton Antivirus Support Numbers. Our support team examines this information to identify and solve the problems of the customers. Information gathered by the Norton Antivirus Support Numbers application will not contain any confidential information like site visit history, mail messages, email ids sent to, profile, logins and passwords etc. Tech support through remote access and diagnosis application is also subject to terms of use in the respective of software license agreement between the user and service provider.
  5.  Live Support Session Records: Norton Antivirus Support Numbers keeps the right to monitor online and offline sessions organized between the user and tech support team members just to ensure the quality control for the service offered to the customer by the tech support team. Furthermore, we may also record the online or offline sessions directed on the website for user reference and to provide assistance in resolving the complaints or disputes in near future. The session records can be also used to improve the service, provide a knowledge based support, or conduct market research. And any session record data will not be linked with personally identifiable data of any individual customer.

These terms of use sets out how Norton Antivirus Support Numbers uses and prevents information that a customer provide to our support team at the time of use of website. Norton Antivirus Support Numbers is committed to ensure that your personal information is completely protected. If we ask you to share such sensitive information by which you can identified while using our site, then you can make sure that it will be used in accordance with this terms of use policy. And Norton Antivirus Support Numbers also reserves to change the terms of use from time to time by updating this page, so you should keep checking this page periodically to make sure that you are agree with changes.